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I could write a best selling thriller of my life.

Trying to condense relevant experiences is a challenge when there are so many to relate, so this page will be an evolutionary process.
It is around 12 years since I began my gluten free 'lifestyle'. It wasn't easy at first and took some getting use to. Saying goodbye to all the mouthwatering foods was traumatic enough without being sentenced to relatively tastless cardboard like rations. Back then, as still sometimes nowadays, announcing yourself as GF was met with surprise and suspicion as if you were adhering to the latest crazy food fad or maybe from another planet.
One could feel the eyes going up and down your body in being scrutinised as odd, retarded or alien. 

Not being the type to accept defeat is primarily the seed of this website as I am not one to accept the status quo or continue to do things a certain way because that's how they have always been done. You know, the 'grin and bear it' type stuff. Where is the victory in that? Although not being alone in a GF lifestyle is also of small comfort. Coeliacs
have a right to life too. Please don't become a 'conditioned' GF.

I have read of others' experiences in being sentenced gluten free and of their expressed disappointment in the need to discard the staple foods of their youth. That omission sends shivers down my spine and causes me to question what the average Aussie calls staple. Certainly not meat and 3 veg. Or may be the obvious substitute to 'no no no, not beans again'! There is certainly nothing wrong with meat and three veg, ideally organic. I have found the closer I adhere to fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, poultry and meat, the healthier I am. One of our societal problems is that we have become so conditioned and dependant upon processed foods, tinned this, and packaged that, so that anything other than 'instant' which may require a small effort in preparation is considered old fashioned, out of touch and humbug.

Give me a farm any day where I can self subsist.
Good fresh wholesome food.

Aha, did I hear someone ask 'what's for dessert'? If ever anything has been done to death it is the ridiculous array of GF processed desserts. And sweets and cakes and most things that go to our waist. What of natural foods? Berries, figs, rhubarb etc etc plus all the seasonal fruits. Somehow our mind closes down when we can't purchase the product off a supermarket shelf.

There are many foods which are 
naturally gluten free.
Cereals like rice, (corn and soy not recommended, but that's a story of its own), potato, millet, lentils etc.
Meat - steak, chops, mince
Rice pasta and noodles
Dairy - milk, fresh cream, block cheese.
Condiments - tomato paste, jam, tahini, honey, maple syrup, non malt vinegars, certain sauces and salad dressings.
Drinks - tea, coffee, mineral water, wine, non malt spirits and liqueurs
and dare I mention - 
Snacks - plain potato chips, corn chips, popcorn and plain dark chocolate.

Are you starting to feel better now?

And you can indulge at restuarants with reputation which serve what they promise. Should they cheat at your expense I have a 
Gluten Antidote formula to quickly deal with symptoms from gluten ingestion and food cross contamination. 

Hey, living gluten free means we have the drop on the the rest as empirical evidence suggests gluten may be the trigger of many other health nasties - even where gluten may not be considered a problem.

Bon apetite!

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