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Mid-life shock of coming to terms in being coeliac required a radical rethink and overhaul of dietary intake and eating habits which turned out to be a real blessing in disguise. The process of discovery and realisation of the far reaching sinister effects of gluten on the immune and endocrine systems, general health and well being, provided answers to various recurring bouts of illness and medico/health mysteries which I had previously accepted as my lot in life.

A gluten free diet is not the latest food fad as some misinformed antagonists would suggest but rather a necessary diet for the coeliac, a condition with a genetic disposition to gluten for which there is no cure. The prescribed treatment is to avoid all foods containing gluten. Period.

Many so diagnosed find it difficult as it were to make a life shift and get a handle on which foods contain gluten, particularly when diagnosed later in life. This was my experience, however I recall and now identify many bouts of illness when in my teens, the cause of which evaded medical diagnosis. More on this later. Nowadays it would seem the growing demand for gluten free and wholesome foods is a reflection both
of the exponential increase in medically diagnosed coeliac conditions and of food manufacturers in recognising these needs. And not before time. Supermarket chains in particular offer an ever increasing range of gluten free, albeit many with their own generic label. Easily identifiable GF labels and list of ingredients. However there is vast variety of gluten free foods adorning supermarket shelves which mostly go unnoticed simply because many of these foods are naturally gluten free while other gluten free foods may not be labelled as gluten free. 

As a trained nurse specialising in phlebotomy (pathology) with a special interest in environmental medicine and the effects of our environment on health and well being, I also have concerns over long time effects of pesticides, genetically modified and engineered foods, hormones and food additives on our health. Unfortunately many labelled GF foods contain food additives we might otherwise avoid and a GF label may not necessarily mean the food is healthy and wholesome. Being coeliac my contribution is to help raise community awareness by bringing these matters to your attention by sharing my experiences and discoveries as a self starter resource to help those diagnosed as coeliac, gluten sensitive and gluten intolerant. It is hoped my discoveries may also be of assistance to those who choose to avoid gluten because of the empirical association with diseases like ADD, CFS, MS, schizophrenia and migraine Genetically modified (GM) foods may prove an achilles heel. 

Thankfully nowadays the medical profession is more aware of the gluten factor and like many others I am now tuned into my body and dietary intake. Unfortunately for me, in addition to my genetic coeliac disposition I am also gluten sensitive. Hypersensitive. My hypersensitivity is such that if I as much as handle white bread or flour, within the space of 60 seconds I will be overcome with extreme fatigue followed by acute nausea, joint pain, muscle cramps and bloating plus other unmentionables, just as if I had ingested gluten. The result is a 2 day wipe out. Before being diagnosed I would go off all food for a couple of days in order to 'get well' after which I would again cycle down very quickly on resumption of a what I considered to be a 'normal' healthy diet. Now I know why the simple joy of eating proved such a horrible experience which will resonate with the coeliac, especially those with gluten sensitivities and related allergies

Recently I returned to Victoria after relocating to the NSW Riverina from the Mornington Peninsula. I never cease to be amazed how resistant community attitudes are to the suggestion of gluten as a consideration in those with ongoing poor health and the precautions the coeliac and gluten intolerant and sensitive must take to ensure a nutritious balanced dietary intake to maintain good health. Not to do so is simply unwise and the long term consequences may prove disastrous. 

Gluten free shopping is a challenge and the available food variety stereotyped and at best limited. And that is without the added challenge of cost upon the weekly food budget. 

At first I was suspicious of any foods not labelled gluten free as any coeliac knows the imperative to avoid such foods. But with research and time I learnt that not all gluten free foods are labelled GF and that there is an abundant variety of gluten free foods on supermarket shelves not marked or labelled GF. Hello? 
Whoever would believe an unlabelled gluten free food could be gluten free? And that these unlabelled gluten free foods to be certified gluten free by the manufacturer? And at supermarket prices to boot which won't break the bank.

Shopping gluten free can be daunting, time consuming and expensive so I have put together a unique Gluten Free non-labelled Supermarket Shopping Guide of these non-labelled gluten free foods comprising 35 A4 pages of the thousands of unlabelled gluten free products found in supermarkets. I have made this 35 page A4 PDF download most affordable at a nominal price of just $9.95. These unlabelled gluten free foods are mostly high profile brands certified by the manufacturers to be gluten free. Food products you may not have realised to be gluten free. And because these foods are readily available in supermarkets at supermarket prices my Gluten Free non-lab
elled Supermarket Shopping Guide will help save you dollars each time you food shop. 

Compilation of a Gluten Free non-labelled Supermarket Shopping Guide is the result of my experiences dating back 30 years. Back then the medical profession had little appreciation of the gluten scourge and environmental medicine was considered fringe. Symptoms of coeliac, gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance and gluten toxicity were usually diagnosed as appendicitis, IBS or some other mysterious illness the cause of which escaped medical thinking. Gluten
. As we now know coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease and demands complete abstinence from gluten. There is no medical cure. 

Now I have a relatively unlimited choice and don't feel trapped by the small variety and high prices asked by some 
specialty food shops. Or do I now need pay extra for delivery or travel half a day to buy what I need.

The difficulty is in identifying unlabelled gluten free food products. I have discovered that in addition to labelled gluten free foods, an exhaustive range of 
unlabelled gluten free foods co-exist on supermarket shelves, many outside the dedicated GF product area and which mostly go unnoticed. Better still, these unlabelled gluten free foods are of well known high profile brands. The problem is, most manufacturers assume product knowledge by the public.

Many of these supermarket unlabelled gluten free foods have been identified in my
Gluten Free non-labelled Supermarket Guide.  These are foods certified by the manufacturers as gluten free and comprise my Gluten Free non-labelled Supermarket Shopping Guide
 for GF supermarket shopping. 

Gluten Free non-labelled Supermarket Shopping Guide includes foods right across the spectrum from recipe ingredients through wholefoods, entrees, soups and frozen meals to desserts and ice cream, coffee and beverages. Knowledge of these unlabelled gluten free foods will save you time and money and needless racing around. 

More importantly, it opens a whole new world of gluten free and enables confident gluten free supermarket shopping for unlabelled gluten free foods. It cannot be overstressed that the coeliac needs to ensure they are getting a balanced diet and good nutrition.

Gluten Free non-labelled Supermarket Shopping Guide
 is not another 'me too' glossy publication of GF foods, rather a comprehensive compilation of unlabelled gluten free foods which
 eliminates the guess work and places these foods at your finger tips with many benefits:
  • identifies unlabelled gluten free foods
  • identifies high profile brands we know and trust
  • opens a new world of GF providing wider variety and choice
  • enables GF shopping in confidence at your local supermarket 
  • makes shopping for gluten free and wholesome foods so easy
  • helps your shopping dollar go further 
  • saves time and money
  • is an essential shopping guide for the coeliac, gluten sensitive, gluten intolerant and those who choose a gluten free lifestyle
  • an essential GF grocery guide which will pay for itself time and again

While I endeavour to stay up to date with my Gluten Free non-labelled Supermarket Shopping Guide of non-labelled gluten free foods, manufacturers ingredients may change without notice and therefore it is imperative that you check the label before purchase or consumption.
I have also discovered an effective recipe for a gluten antidote which I have found invaluable and worth its weight in gold to give quick symptomatic relief from nausea, stomach cramp and associated muscle pain from gluten ingestion. My gluten antidote is best used in circumstances of potential cross contamination and after dining out. It can be made in seconds from natural ingredients found in your kitchen pantry.

If you have not considered gluten a factor in continued poor health or have been recently diagnosed coeliac and feel quite overwhelmed, join my blog or send me an email at lynn@glutenfreeandwholesome.com 
Yours in health, gluten free


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Download my 35 page A4 format PDF Gluten Free non-labelled
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